Our media partners

Democracy Works Foundation Spaces Programme provides platforms for democratic engagement in order to grow democratic culture. Critical thinking and sharing of information and analysis is important to grow a culture of democracy.

The programme functions as a unique content agency committed to providing fresh, independent and original content focusing on the theme of strengthening development by building a vibrant democracy both in South Africa and in the region.

We feature unique content written by our diverse pool of local and international Reference group members, Associates and Contributors.

In working towards fostering a democratic culture and reach a wider local and regional audience, we have partnered with the SABC, the national broadcaster of South Africa, the African Independent and AllAfrica as our print partners to share our content, both with a large African footprint.

We have additionally partnered with Tuluntulu, a mobile content platform targeting audiences in Africa and globally with African focused video. In August 2016, the platform had 17 x 24/7 streaming TV channels and 10 radio stations.

Through these strategic media partnerships, we are able to provide access to information, analysis and commentary on everyday issues affecting Southern Africans. These partners are important to maximise advocacy and outreach.

Please see our articles on their respective websites by clicking on the below images.

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Democracy Works Foundation's Chief Editor can be one of our communication team members, a director or a Reference Group member.

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