DWF and the Economics Association of Malawi sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) Malawi and the Economics Association of Malawi (ECAMA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on  9 April 2020, formalising a long-term relationship and guiding their collaboration on a number of activities that will be implemented under the Southern African Political Parties and Dialogue Programme (SAPP&D). Through the MOU, the two organisations will be able to share resources, knowledge and expertise.

The SAPP&D programme is funded by USAID and implemented in partnership with Freedom House.

DWF’s Chief of Party for SAPP&D Dr Augustine Magolowondo said through the relationship between the two organisations, DWF Malawi will be able to tap the knowledge and expertise of ECAMA on budget analysis and economic issues. It will also provide ECAMA with national platforms to share its analysis with policymakers and policy implementers through forums such as Technical Reference Groups and citizen review panels planned in the next few months.

Dr Magolowondo further highlighted that DWF believes in collaboration and coordination, so that each institution benefits from the comparative advantages and expertise of the other.

“We believe in the notion that as institutions work together in achieving common goals, the resources of each have greater impact than were the two were to work individually. DWF has been inspired by the spirit shown by ECAMA, an ensemble of experts and professionals, in entering into this relationship without monetary demands,” he added.

Acting Executive Director for ECAMA Mrs Kettie Nyasulu said the MOU was an important milestone for her organisation, as it will be using its expertise in economic issues to support democracy and governance work.


ECAMA is a professional, apolitical, voluntary and independent body of economists with its own Articles of Association and Constitution. ECAMA encourages open proactive debate and policy dialogue on economic issues. The association was launched on 27 February 1999. It is a forum for economists in Malawi and other interested parties who meet to discuss economic issues, provide policy analysis, improve economic management, and provide advice to decision-makers.

About DWF

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is a southern African non-profit company focused on democracy development in the region. With headquarters in South Africa, DWF works through its country offices to provide tools to develop resilient democracies.

As an independent foundation, we build and promote inclusive, equitable and sustainable consensus democracies. We do so by providing tools, platforms and content to strengthen democrats, democratic culture and democracy institutions.

DWF opened its doors in 2014 in response to the weakening of public institutions, corruption and declining public participation in South Africa as well as concerns about democratic and development progress in post-liberation Southern Africa.

DWF works on the supply and demand side of democracy. We operate across several programmatic areas:

  • Monitoring: we collect data, do research and provide analysis on the state of democracies.
  • Institutions: we support the capacity of democracy institutions to fulfil their mandates.
  • Citizens and leaders: we train future democrats to drive change.
  • Climate and democracy:  we strengthen the capacity of communities and democracy institutions to prioritise climate change initiatives.
  • Culture: we provide platforms for democratic engagement to cultivate new ideas for democracy.

Additionally, the Foundation provides advisory services on good governance and social impact and functions as a fiscal host and fund manager.

We believe that democracy is always a work in progress. It is often challenged and never complete. DWF is uniquely placed to continuously invest in and nurture resilient democracy and development.

Henry holds a degree in Journalism and a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Malawi. He has over ten years of experience in the field of governance working with political parties, civil society, and strengthening civic spaces for citizen participation in governance. Henry has worked with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) as the Programme Officer responsible for Issue-based civic and voter education, Presidential debates, and local government.

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