Cool Politics Cafe

Meet our Panelist for our Youth-Led Conversation on 9 June, where we will be explore a pressing topic:
“Why Access to Opportunities for South Africa’s Youth Is Important For The Country’s Future”.
The webinar will be facilitated by Luanda Mpungose, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), in conversation with Democracy Works Academy Alumni; Kelly Baloyi , Mzwakhe Vilane, Vuyani Ndziche and Jeanette Mano.

Zamayirha is a two-time, University of the Witwatersrand graduate. She holds an undergraduate in Psychology, Sociology, Media studies, and Research Data Analysis. As well as an Honors degree in Media and Journalism. Together with a corporate communications and leadership certificate.

She began her career as a writer through an Internationally published opinion piece on feminism at the age of 16. She has worked as a multimedia reporter, leading breaking news stories, in two award-winning newsrooms, two radio stations and two television productions. Having been a Junior City Council Mayor and Deputy President of the Wits Student Representative Council. She is passionate about influencing the quality of leadership raised within her country and continent. She founded a Social Enterprise, Ideas That Walk, that has a leadership hub focused on training developing leaders across the continent on leadership ideals within the African context.

Zamayirha believes facilitating action-based discourse is an integral part of realising true democracy. She believes leaders are a true reflection of the communities they come from, describing them as the mirror to the realities, ideals, threats, and strengths of communities.

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