Conversation with Democracy Podcast Episode 2: Legislatures as spaces of information sharing

Carmen Gopane, Public Participation & Communications Manager in the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL), speaks about the power of information sharing in creating a legislature that is open and accessible to citizens. She also reflects on existing initiatives of the NCPL aimed at promoting a citizen-driven institution and tells us how the legislature had to work with media and CSO partners to adapt in a time of Covid-19.

To listen to the podcast please click on this link.

Mira Dutschke has a master’s degree in Human Rights law and 12 years of international research, advocacy, and teaching experience. The focus of her work is on supporting democratic participation and inclusive decision-making processes. She has also been active as a multi-media producer in Southern Africa and America. Her work has been published in books, in peer-reviewed journals media outlets like the UK Guardian, The Mail and Guardian, LinkTV and numerous other media outlets.

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