Call for Expression of Interest: Coordination of the South African Civil Society Participation in Provincial Legislature (SA CSPPL) Project – Consultancy

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is an African, nonpartisan and non-profit company that operates in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, eSwatini and South Africa.  DWF opened its doors in 2014 in South Africa in response to the weakening of public institutions, corruption and declining citizen participation.  It is an initiative committed to promoting and building democracy in Southern Africa and supporting inclusive development and regional cooperation.  DWF believes in developing homegrown and innovative solutions that support public officials and states to be more open, transparent, responsive and accountable.  We also work to build the capacity of citizens and provide tools enabling them to better impact their democracies, meet their obligations and claim their rights.  DWF works on the supply and demand side of democracy.

Democracy Works is currently engaged in the final year of the SA CSPPL Project. The aim of the SA CSPPL project is to improve the working relationships between civil society organisations and Provincial Legislatures in 3 provinces, namely: The Northern Cape, The North West and Limpopo. To this end capacity building initiatives and learning events for 30 Civil Society Organisations and Provincial Legislatures staff and members are being conducted. The Civil Society Organisations also receive on going mentoring and training through the Project Officers working for SA CSPPL.

The SA CSPPL Project is currently running in its third and final year and the focus of the final year of this project is to collect the outstanding data and to develop all the outputs required by the Logistical Framework of the project.

The objectives of the Consultancy are:

    • Support the SA Programme Manager with overall coordination of the project
    • Support the Project Officers in on going mentoring and support of Civil Society Organisation partners working with SA CSPPL.

Scope and focus of the assignment

    • Assist in project coordination with regards to identifying, following up on opportunities for engagement with Civil Society Organisations
    • Assist with the on-going mentoring and support of the Civil Society Organisations in collaboration with the Project Officers
    • Assist in collecting and analysing the data from the mentoring and support engagements with CSOs
    • Assist in identifying opportunities for strengthening CSO engagements with communities and Provincial Legislatures based on experience.

Main deliverables from April to June

  • April:
    • Co-facilitate development of training materials and methodology;
    • Design data collection methodology for the CSO partners in all three provinces in line with the logframe.
  • May:
    • Design CSO specific questionnaires for the Project Officers to use during interviews;
    • Sit in sample interviews with Project Officers to guide during the interview process and participate as and when necessary;
    • Read and analyse transcripts and identify further lines of enquiry. Encourage and guide CSO partners’ engagements and activities with Provincial Legislatures and communities in consultation with the Programme Manager and the Project Officers;
    • Assist in the identification of Provincial Legislatures engagement opportunities based on experience.
  • June:
    • Analyse data from CSO engagements
    • Feed into design of third collaborative workshop.
    • Engage with the Communications Team in terms of using the data to develop required outputs and deliverables

Time frames

    • Starting date of the consultancy is the 1st of April 2020
    • The consultancy finishes on the 30th of June 2020.


In the event that the consultant is required to travel in relation to this assignment, DWF will cover the travel costs to the extent that these are subject to prior approval from the South Africa Programmes Manager.

Qualification and Competencies

    • At least a Master’s degree in field related to the consultancy
    • Experience in working with Civil Society Organisations
    • Experience in working with Provincial Legislatures
    • An understanding of collecting, collating and analysing data
    • Experience in working with community media


The consultant shall report directly to the South Africa Programmes Manager

Deadline and address for submission of the expression of interest

If you meet the specified qualifications, you are interested and you are available, submit your expression of interest by  Sunday 22 March 2020 to the following address:, with “SA CSPPL Project Consultancy” in the subject line of your email.

Democracy Works Foundation's Chief Editor can be one of our communication team members, a director or a Reference Group member.

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