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Call for expressions of interest: Undertake a Content Analysis of Political Party Manifestos in Malawi


  1. Background and context

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is a regional organisation that is committed to empowering citizens with the tools to make democracy work. In partnership with Freedom House in South Africa (FH-South Africa), DWF is implementing a four-year USAID supported Southern Africa Political Parties and Dialogue (SAPP&D) Programme in Southern Africa. The programme is designed to strengthen the democratic structures and institutions of political parties in Botswana, Malawi, Lesotho and Zambia as well as facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue in Swaziland to better respond to, reflect and represent the needs of the citizenry, particularly in the areas of water and energy resources management. The programme will also facilitate the establishment of a Southern Africa regional network/platform through which political parties and other actors in the targeted countries can share best practices, lessons learned and knowledge on their engagement in energy and water resources management, as well as on strengthening democratic structures and practices.

  1. Content Analysis of Political Parties’ Policy Positions

The SAPP&D Programme recognizes the central role that political parties play in a democracy. Political parties are institutions that communicate and aggregate citizen’s needs and concerns and translate these into practical and implementable programs that benefit citizens within national and local legal, budgetary and policy frameworks. By implication, this means democracies require strong and sustainable political parties that are vibrant, well institutionalized and have the requisite core capacities and competencies to design programmes, systems, and policies that can meaningfully translate the aspirations of the people into tangible reality.

On 21 May 2019, Malawians will be heading to polls. A fundamental component of making an informed decision in elections is ensuring that voters understand the policies and manifestos of political parties. Additionally, this understanding is an important component of ensuring citizens can hold their elected officials accountable to the promises they have committed to through the parties manifestoes and other public pronouncements. To this end, DWF wishes to contract a qualified and independent consultant to undertake the following assignment:

  • Undertake a systematic and an in-depth a content analysis of political party manifestos, press statements and public speeches issued from January 2019 to May 2019 for DPP, MCP, PP, UDF and UTM. The content analysis should specifically focus on political parties’ policies and positions on the following areas: Access to, management and governance of Water and Energy; Social inclusion of women, youth, people living with disabilities and people living with albinism.
  • Provide a briefing document on each of the political party’s manifestos and policy positions for the aforementioned topics, providing brief analysis of the viability of those policy positions in the context of Malawi.
  • Develop materials for dissemination through social media and print media, summarizing political parties’ manifestos and positions on energy, water and social inclusivity that are accessible to the public. Materials should be developed that enable easy comparison and be presented in a politically neutral manner. Materials must be developed in English and Chichewa.
  • Develop a tool that can be used by DWF and other stakeholders to hold the political parties accountable on the identified and analyzed policy positions.

3. Organisation and Management

The consultant shall work under the supervision of the programme’s Chief of Party or representative and shall undertake this study in close collaboration with DWF Country Director.

4. Approach and Methodology

This content analysis is to be conducted within a period of 20 days at the maximum from the time of signing of the contract. A total of 12 consultancy days utmost is envisaged. In responding to this call for expression of interest, the consultant is requested to submit a letter expressing interest to undertake the content analysis with the following as annexes:

  • A detailed CV with at least three contactable referees;
  • A detailed technical proposal that should among other things demonstrate the consultant’s understanding of the assignment and provide a detailed description of the methodology and implementation plan for conducting the study;
  • A financial proposal, including daily rate and inclusive of all travel and subsistence, where applicable.
  1. Deliverables and Timeframes

The key deliverables of the content analysis will include the following:

  • An inception report submitted within three (3) days after signing of the contract. The draft report will be presented at the kick off meeting of this study and may have to be revised depending on comments and observations made at the kick-off meeting. The final version of the inception report will build on the consultant’s technical proposal;
  • Draft individual political party briefs and summarised materials that will be presented to DWF and key stakeholders, including political parties;
  • Final political party briefs and summarised materials, inclusive of feedback given at the validation;
  • A process report that will document the consultant’s own reflections on how they executed the assignment and identifying key lessons from which DWF can learn.
  1. Qualifications and experience of the Consultant

The consultant must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • At least a Master’s degree in a relevant academic field;
  • Strong experience and knowledge about politics and political parties in Malawi;
  • Prior traceable relevant experience;
  • Consultants must not hold any official position or play any advisory or similar role in any political parties in Malawi;
  • Proficiency in written and oral English and Chichewa.
  1. Deadline and address for submission of the expression of interest

If you meet the specified qualifications, you are interested and you are available, submit your expression of interest by  16h00 on Tuesday 23 April 2019 to the following address: recruitment@democracyworksfoundation.org with the title “Manifesto Content Analysis” in the subject line of your email.