About Us

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is an African, nonpartisan and non-profit organisation that operates in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa, eSwatini and Zambia. DWF opened its doors in 2014 in South Africa in response to the weakening of public institutions, corruption, and declining citizen participation. It is an initiative committed to promoting and building democracy in Southern Africa and supporting inclusive development and regional cooperation. DWF believes in developing homegrown and innovative solutions that build the capacity of citizens and provide tools enabling them to better impact their democracies, meet their obligations and claim their rights.

We strive to create environments that allow for an inclusive, equitable and consensus-based democracy. Democracy is always a work in progress, where all citizens and all officials must constantly work towards building a system of government that is free, open, transparent and responsive to the needs of the people.

We aim to add unique value to society through creating platforms for cross-sector dialogues on democracy, development and social challenges. As well as strengthening the functioning of civil society in Southern Africa and strengthening collaboration between the different sectors of society. Thus, creating a more sustainable democratic model.

DWF programmes are structured around the following values; equality, participation, accountability, human dignity, political rights and freedoms, and free and fair election processes. A particular focus is placed on marginalised individuals- women, youth, and disadvantaged communities.

It is important that our work is relevant, measurable, and provides tangible results. For this reason, we have established four focus areas:

  • Deepening Democratic Culture,
  • Citizens & leaders,
  • Strengthening Institutions,
  • Monitoring

At the core of our focus areas is monitoring and evaluation- which helps us provide a holistic analysis on the state of democracy.

Our vision is to establish a regional platform that will promote citizen participation, civic awareness, and civic engagement. Thus, making democracy work.