Press Release: Democracy Works Academy Applications Open

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF), in partnership with the In-Transformation Initiative (ITI), is proud to announce that applications are now open for the Democracy Works Academy; a youth-focused, civic education programme that aims to empower citizens with the skills to create a transparent, accountable and responsible values-based society in South Africa. DWF shall recruit 30 participants to join the Academy in 2019.

Democracy Works Academy will build the knowledge of participants, helping them understand the critical challenges facing South Africa, key among them healthcare, education, poverty and inequality. Participants will also develop democracy skills to engage as active and critical citizens in their communities, learning to manage projects, develop their voices and inspire action in their communities. The curriculum will be delivered through three residential modules taking place throughout 2019 while using an online learning platform to support learning outside of the formal modules.

DWF believes that democracy is always a work in progress and that it requires committed networks of citizens in order to ensure that the values of our democracy are upheld. The Academy will bring together a diverse group of young citizens from across South Africa and will see them making a lasting contribution to entrenching our constitution and building our democracy.

Applications are now open and close on 22 April 2019. Those interested in applying, please click here.



For media contact only: Nabeelah Khan


Phone: +27 (0)10 023 0835


Registrations for Democracy Works Academy are now open!

To see if you are eligible for the DW Academy, please click here.

   Registrations will close at CoB on 26 April.


Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is an African, nonpartisan and non-profit company that operates in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Zambia, eSwatini and South Africa. DWF opened its doors in 2014 in South Africa in response to the weakening of public institutions, corruption and declining citizen participation. It is an initiative committed to promoting and building resilient democracy in Southern Africa and supporting inclusive development and regional cooperation. DWF believes in developing homegrown and innovative solutions that support public officials and states to be more open, transparent, responsive and accountable. We also work to build the capacity of citizens and civil society and provide tools enabling them to better impact their democracies, solve development challenges and claim their rights. DWF works on the supply and demand side of democracy.

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Olmo is Executive Director and co-Founder of Democracy Works Foundation. He has worked as a political networker, analyst, social entrepreneur, development practitioner and innovative manager on issues of human rights and democratisation in both Africa and Europe. He has spearheaded various leadership, democracy building and conflict resolution initiatives, in addition to managing funds dedicated to strengthening the role of civil society, political society and media through cross-sector approaches to deepening democracy.

His key interests lie in civil society sustainability and funding mechanisms for governance, human rights and democracy work in Africa and the global South, conflict management, institutions, leadership development, technology for development and climate and environmental issues.

Olmo leads the DWF Team on a day-to-day basis. He also sits on the DWF Malawi and Botswana Board of Directors.

To read publications by Olmo von Meijenfeldt on our website please click here. To view his tags please click here.

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